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          Happy Shaklee Users:
·         Our kids are bombarded with chemicals daily. Schools use very harsh chemicals. In homes, laundry soap stays in the fabric & can cause reactions. Cleaning chemicals under the sink release fumes. I removed as much as I could from my son’s environment. (He suffers with ADHD & ODD.) We went completely Shaklee for home care and laundry & I noticed a BIG difference: a rash on his face disappeared, all of our sinus infections cleared up, and best of all, my son has calmed down a great deal. Shaklee has helped tremendously! – Catrina Larsen
·         Soaked in Shaklee’s Laundry Concentrate and Nature Bright Laundry Booster, baby clothes that were yellowed and stained from being stored for seven years came out looking spotless and new! I use all the Shaklee Baby Products on my baby too. –Sherry Beard-Bushey

·         I raised my children on Shaklee products, both nutrition & home care. My children are raising my grandchildren on Shaklee. They’ve had no health problems & seldom have needed to see a doctor. I trust the Shaklee company and products. I encourage other parents to give their children the best, and of course, that’s Shaklee. – Frances Madsen

                    Ten Easy Steps for Joining Shaklee On-Line!

1.    Go to

2.    Click on the “Shop” tab on the top green bar.

3.     Put items in your shopping cart. (Remember that the price will decrease by 15% when you join at the end.)
     Try to reach 100 PV (point value) to earn a special "welcome package" from me!

4.    Click the orange “check out” box on your right.

5.    On the left side, click the orange box that says “Become a Member Now.”

6.      Choose from the three different levels of joining. It’s a life-time membership with no renewal fees and no minimum ordering! (Super Gold is $750 and has a huge sampling from all four of our product lines. The $299 Gold Ambassador level is the best value - you get a mission pak of our flagship products & you get a free product with your next 100 PV order. $39.95 also gives you a free product with your next 100 PV order. $19.95 is the member level for joining – very do-able for everyone!)

7.    Fill out your information.

8.    Complete payment information.

9.    Check over your order.

10.                       Press the submit button and voila!  You are a member!

                          Congratulations for making this great decision for your health & home!