Shaklee membership

Shaklee, the Health and Wellness company that I represent, makes it so that everyone
can join and enjoy a 15% life-time discount on everything Shaklee offers for your health and home. There is no annual renewal fee and no minimum ordering. It is win-win! To add icing to the cake, everything is 100% moneyback guaranteed so you know it has to be a good product with that kind of guarantee!
What you do is go to my website and put the items you might to invest in for your health and the health of your home in your shopping cart. (Don't worry about the price because when you go to check out and choose to join, the prices will automatically reduce by 15%!)  Click on the icon on the left that says "save 15% now by becoming a member." Then step thru those steps and voila - you are an official member and your great products will arrive at your doorstep.
Check my about me page to see my favorite products that I recommend. Everything is 100% money-back guaranteed so there is no risk.
Thanks for taking time and effort to invest in your health. After all, your health is truly your wealth!