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Many of us are more concerned than ever of the fast-growing disesases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more that are killing us and our children. It seems that I hear almost daily of another friend who has cancer. These concerns put me on a new quest to better my own health and the health of my family. Some of the major changes I have made are eating more organically, cleaning out my home of toxic cleaners, and supplementing our diet with quality natural vitamins. This brought me to the number one nutrition company in the US, Shaklee. Shaklee products encompass nutrition supplements (natural vitamins that our food isn't providing us with), weight loss products (I've lost 20 lbs so far), skin care products (vitamins for the skin), and non-toxic cleaners (that work better than the toxic ones and save you money too.)

My Shaklee website gives more specifics on each of the products and there are videos to view too. Shaklee makes it possible so that everyone can enjoy a 15% discount by signing up for a lifetime membership with no renewal fees and no minimum orders. And the best part is that you can earn checks back by just sharing Shaklee with others too. I love it! Shaklee is an international company so you can join in Australia, Mexico, China, and more.

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I believe that your health is your wealth because what does it benefit you if you have lots of money and a cushy home but you can't get out of bed due to your aches and pains? Invest in your health wisely. For more health tips, visit my blog.

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