Family Photo Album

Amy and Mark Hagerup began a life of love together in 1975.
This is one of my favorite photos of us taken by Kinza in December 2009.

God blessed us with three precious children and here they are pictured in 1985. Benjy is 9, Deeanne is 7, and Heidi is 6. So cute.

In 1992, we were blessed with Kinza as a two month old, followed by Colette as a 22 month old, in 1995 when Kinza was 3. This photo was taken just a few days after we got Colette in December 1995.

We weren't a family with five children for long since Ben was already in college when we adopted Colette. Here is a photo of all of us in the summer of 1996 when we came home from Ghana to put Deeanne into college at Penn State where Ben was attending also.  

In 1997, we got one last portrait of our five kids (below) before the older ones started beginning their own family units. (Ben married in Dec. 1998, Deeanne married in July 2000, and Heidi married in August 2001.)

To bring you up to date right now, here are 2009 photos.

Ben and his wife, Elizabeth, have five sons. They are (from left to right) Zachary, Judson, Levi, Owen, and Tyler. A little sister, Margaret Christine, arrived on January 19th, 2010. Her nickname is Margee.

Deeanne and her husband, Jason, have three children (left to right): Isaac, Seth, and Esther.

Heidi and her husband, Wayne, also have three children (left to right): Cullen, Gavin, and Elyse.

Kinza (below center) is 17 years old and a junior in high school.

Our youngest, Colette (below right), is almost 16 years old, and is a sophomore in high school.

Yes, we are very, very blessed! And there are still more descendants to come!